27 Pages of Notes

A short documentary on Mark Bowling, a toolmaker living in the Midwest. What goes into an industrial manufacturing job, and how is it still relevant today?

I'm Lonely Even Though I'm Not Alone

An experimental music video wherein a couple play cards across many disparate universes. Will they ever be able to reach stasis with the world shifting around them?

Sick and Tired

A music video done in the style of 2000's-era punk and alternative hits. Coleman, feeling unwell, wants some peace and quiet. But his unexpected guests have a different idea! A litany of obnoxious characters keep him from recuperating. Will he ever get some rest?

Edge of the Crimson Blade

A fake film noir trailer. John Steely, private detective, has to find out who has been disposing of several local jewel thieves. He eventually stumbles upon a vast conspiracy. Will he make it out alive?